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Ch Beach Bears Hi Hope Briarwood 


April 7, 1999 - August 4, 2009 

Yet again the time came for us to make that final decision for one of our newfs. With the help of our vet and the support of good friends, we assisted Hope to the bridge to join Dixie and the others. She was a very determined girl from the beginning; demanding all your attention, and if she did not get it she would grab the bottom of your shirt and pull you to her. I have many shirts with "Hope holes" to remind me that she was with us for quite a while.


Over the years we used this need for attention and taught her to help carry in the groceries and other items from the van. She earned her Ch title from the Bred By Exhibitor class and was the first Beach Bear dog to be invited to the Eukanuba Dog Show. Hope was Amy's dog, both she and I were there to help Hope on her way. Her ashes will be going with Amy when she moves away from home this fall. I know Hope will be there watching over her as she always did. Rest well Hope and be free of all pain.



DAM: Marcarpents KS Shoshone


SIRE: Winterhawks Dakota Bear 

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