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So you want to buy a newf from us...

Newfies drool a lot, shed more than most breeds, and grow into very big dogs. They need a lot of love, care, grooming, and attention. Although a 10 week old puppy is very beautiful and sweet, a Newfoundland might not be the right dog for you.


Purchasing one of our dogs is not the same as if you were to get one from a pet shop. We do not always have dogs available and we do not simply ship those we do have home with just anyone. Before sending one of our family home to yours, the following things will need to happen:

  1. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page. This gives us a very basic idea of who you/your family are and what you are looking for in your future Companion.

  2. Phone interview. This lets us get to know you a little better.

  3. Home visit. At this stage we would invite you to our home to interact with our current dogs. This enables you to get first-hand experience with Newfoundlands to ensure that this is the right breed for you. Those who live too far from our home to make the first visit will be required to instead speak with us more via phone/email communication.

  4. Waiting list. Once you have passed the first 3 screening steps, you will be added to our waiting list. This is so that we can help match the best dog to your family.

  5. Puppy goes home. You will now be required to come to our home to pick up your dog; we do not ship our dogs via cargo, meaning you must be on the plane with them.

  6. Regular contact. The dog will now be home with you and yours. We highly encourage regular contact after this point as we love seeing how our babies are doing and we are here to answer any questions that you may have.

Note that all pet dogs are sold with limited registration and co-ownership. While show potential dogs are sold with full registration and co-ownership.

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